Angled or Vertical Climbing Net

Playground climbing nets with an attachment point on 4 corners can be made to fit almost any space. Their simplicity is one of their greatest strengths. This type of net is designed specifically for nets with a vertical or an angled orientation.

We use aluminium egg cross connectors that provide the strongest cross connection. The security torx screw through both ropes means that the rope will never move from the position that it is set to. We use these connections for vertical and angled nets because of the lateral forces on these cross connectors.

We use hydraulically pressed T connections for absolute strength and security. For the 4 attachment points we offer a variety of connections to suite whatever need you may have.

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Other Options
16mm Polyester
Nylon, Polypropylene
Attachment Points
SS large eye, with eye bolt or eye nut.
Chain, Thread, small eye, other
Cross Connections
Aluminium egg
SS cross connector, Plastic egg
T connector
Aluminium Pressed
Aluminium Screw, Plastic Screw

Manufacturing Time Frame:
1 - 4 Weeks

Installation Time Frame
1 Days