Playground rope - steel cable/poly composite

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Buy steel cable/polyester blended playground rope online here. Nylon/steel cable also available. This specially constructed rope has an outer covering of high quality polyester rope with an inner core of galvanised steel cable. This gives the rope a soft and safe feel while at the same time making it vandal proof and extremely strong. It is made from a 6 strand twisted construction with a fiber core. The 6 outer stands are constructed from a 100% polyester braid covering an inner wire rope core. This is the lightest and most malleable of the combination rope types. 6 strand combination playground rope Steel wire rope strands covered with 100% Polyester braid cover 6X8 construction Steel diameter 2.7mm Vandal proof High strength UV stabilised

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Billabong Playgrounds also offer specialised hydraulic crimping for playground rope connections.

Playground Rope Terminations

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