Vortex Crawl


The Vortex Crawl is a cylindrical net made from reinforced playground rope. It is designed to be suspended between two objects, and allows users to climb through the tube from one end to the other. It is pictured here suspended between two posts, but it can be used in a number of different way within a playground.


The net is manufactured from 16mm steel reinforced playground rope. There is a powder coated steel ring at each end of the tube that supports the net. The steel rings are then attached to the structure using guy ropes, made from the same 16mm steel reinforced playground rope, with stainless steel eye bolts attached for easy installation. The Vortex Crawl can also be bolted directly to a structure to create a direct tunnel from one place to another.


The Vortex Crawl can be manufactured to fit most areas.


- 16mm steel reinforced playground rope

- 200x200mm ironbark posts

-Aluminium rope cross connectors

- Standard 700mm diameter entrance

- Standard 3 meter span

- Eye bolts attached for easy installation

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Other Options
16mm Polyester
Nylon, Polypropylene
Attachment Points
SS large eye, with eye bolt or eye nut.
Chain, Thread, small eye, other
Cross Connections
Aluminium egg
SS cross connector, Plastic egg
T connector
Aluminium Pressed
Aluminium Screw, Plastic Screw

Manufacturing Time Frame:
1 - 4 Weeks

Installation Time Frame
1 Days